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Bowen Therapy


Myofunctional Massage

Combination of massage, stretches and passive movement to increase circulation, reduce pain and improve mobility.


Bowen Therapy

Very gentle touch therapy that restores connective tissue reducing pain and releases pressure in muscles and nerves.

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Dog Walking

Does your dog need to get out?One on one dog walking around your neighbourhood helping dog owners who don't have the time. 

Caressing a Cat

Home Visits & feeding

Visits to feed, play and pat your animals when you can't. I can also administer medication.


About me

I am Faye Dabrowski and I am a qualified and insured Canine Myofunctional Therapist (massage) and Bowen therapist for small animals. I run Sit Stay Heal Therapies providing a mobile small animal massage and Bowen therapy service in Brisbane.


I am passionate about creating healthy and comfortable lifestyles for pets and improving their physical and mental well being naturally. My mission is to help dogs live their best lives and educating owners that more is possible for their dog.

I have 2 dogs of my own who have their own anxieties or knee issues, inspiring me to take up physical therapies for animals and improve their lives. I have 10 years of experience with animals through work and volunteering, looking after many animals ranging from elephants to mice. I have a Diploma in Animal Technology, Certificate of Canine Myofunctional Therapy and a Certificate of Canine Bowen Therapy.

Let me help get your dog or pet moving and feeling better in non invasive and natural way so they can live the happiest and healthiest life.

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