Bowen Therapy Brisbane

  • Dog's have aches and pains too like humans they just cant talk to us about it. Bowen helps with pain due to injury, surgery, infections due to low immunity and musculoskeletal issues and much more.

  • Light and non invasive therapy that is good for injured animals, young animals and senior dogs or animal that doesn't like to be touched too much

  • Mobile service at your home where your animal is comfortable and reduces the need for jumping or carrying your pet into the car and no need to travel

  • Helps with pain relief, muscle knots and tension

  • May improve behavioural issues associated with pain

  • Beneficial for injury recovery and reducing inflammation after surgery or exercise

  • Improve athletic performance for flyball, shows and herding work

  • 2-3 Bowen sessions are ideal to reinforce treatment and the body’s response

  • After care advice given to improve your animal’s recovery. Animals will need a few days of light exercise after treatment. We can make an appointment after competition days, not before.

  • Posture and walk assessment

  • Muscle tone and asymmetry assessment

  • 45-60 min session

  • $80 per Bowen treatment

  • Purchase a package of 3 for $220

Call 0423 414 017, email or contact through Facebook 

Areas Available

Home visits for body work appointments are available in Brisbane city and surrounding suburbs. 

A travel fee of $20 is added to bodywork appointments outside 30km from Bracken Ridge. It may be possible to meet at a quiet park should you wish to travel closer to me.