Cancellation Policy

1. 12 hours notice must be given for pet care bookings such as dog walks and pet visits for a full refund. If a booking is cancelled less than 12 hours before the booking, half the amount paid will be refunded. Pet visits and dog walking bookings can also be rescheduled to another time or day with more than 12 hours notice or at sole discretion of Sit Stay Heal. The rescheduled booking will have to be used within 3 months of purchase.

2. Bodywork appointments include Bowen therapy and myotherapy (massage) appointments and these will be rescheduled to another day should the need for cancellation occur. Cancellation will only be considered an option for bodywork appointments due to circumstances that deem it necessary as determined by Sit Stay Heal, e.g. your animal has passed away, emergency etc. 12 hours notice is preferred to reschedule or cancel booking. If no notice was given than a 'no show' fee applies as in clause 4.

3. Online appointments that are complementary can be rescheduled to another time or cancelled if the booking no longer becomes suitable. As much notice should be given prior to the booking. Online consultations that are paid for have the same cancellation policy as Cancellation Policy Clause 2, for bodywork appointments. 

4. Full payment as a ‘no show fee’ will be applied if the appointment was still scheduled and the animal is not available or service is not needed, without prior notice given.


5. Pet care services purchased in packs will have appointments rescheduled to another day. If the appointment is no longer necessary, e.g. you were away or the weekend and came back early, your unused visits /walks can be used on another day before expiry date otherwise they are forfeited.


6. For dog walking bookings: If severe weather conditions or other situations occur that are outside of the customers control or Sit Stay Heal’s control that deem the walk to be dangerous, the appointment can be rescheduled for another day. If another day is not available or required, then a refund for the cancelled days will be refunded. The appointment can be changed to a pet home visit to play and the difference in price can be refunded.

Terms & Conditions


Thanks for choosing Sit Stay Heal to help you with our pet care services and/or bodywork needs for your pet. Please read the following:


1. By choosing Sit Stay Heal, you agree to these terms and conditions.


2. These terms can be modified or changed at any time.


3. Payment for dog walking and pet visits, referred to as pet care, are required to be made before the booking occurs, either at the meet and greet or over the phone. Payment can be made in cash, direct deposit or credit card.


4. Payment for body work appointments such as Bowen therapy or myotherapy (massage) are to be made before the appointment over the phone or by invoice. Cash can be given at the appointment.


5. Please allow an hour window for pet care, bodywork and meet and greet appointments due to traffic and delays. All efforts will be made to meet the scheduled appointment and we will notify you by phone or text if we are running late.


6. Your pet’s medical history and vet contact details must be disclosed at the meet and greet or on the pet history form that can be provided by email, at the meet and greet or on our online booking system.


7. Your animals must be attended to once per day while in our care.


8. Your animals that you have booked in or other animals in your household do not have any contagious infections or parasite infestations. Your animals must be up to date with vaccinations and be on flea/tick control.


9. Pet care services purchased in a pack of three expire after 3 months. Pet care services purchased in a pack of five or ten expire after 12 months. Body work services bought in packs of three expire after 12 months.  Individual appointments/bookings expire after 3 months if rescheduled by you, special consideration is only given if your animal is unwell.


10. If an emergency situation should arise every effort will be made to contact you to notify you of the situation. You must provide your contact details and the contact details of your veterinarian. In the event that your pet needs emergency veterinary care while in the care of your Sit Stay Heal dog walker or pet carer, every effort will be made to contact you. You agree that in the event an emergency situation where you cannot be reached after a reasonable effort has been made, you authorise your Sit Stay Heal dog walker or pet carer to authorise care on his/her behalf to promptly treat the animal. You agree and acknowledge that the costs for any such treatment for emergency situations is your sole and exclusive responsibility and you will be invoiced to pay reimbursement costs to your Sit Stay Heal dog walker or pet carer.

11. Owners must leave enough food for the duration of their time away plus 2 days extra. Sit Stay Heal has a duty of care to provide for the need of an animal while in its care including water, food and medical attention. Owners will be responsible for reimbursing any financial loss to Sit Stay Heal for providing food or medical attention.

12. Dogs must have their own harness/collar and leash that fits them securely. No choke collars will be used. You give permission for Sit Stay Heal to use their own leashes to prevent contamination or in the case of emergency.

13. Pets must be registered with the local council. Identification tags worn by your dog or microchipping of your dog is preferred and recommended.

14. Photos of your animals and your animals inside your household or property may be used for social media. If you do not wish them to be used or have specific conditions for photography e.g you do not wish photos to be taken inside your house, please contact us.


Privacy Policy

This practice is committed to the privacy of its clients. Personal information is treated as confidential and is used only for the purpose for which it was collected. Information kept on file will not be released to a third party without the express consent of the client or as required by law. Any online consult recordings will only be accessible by the client and Sit Stay Heal.

Online Massage Consults Waiver


Thank you for meeting with me to learn how to help your dog’s body. Please read the following:

1. By booking and participating in an online consult you agree with this waiver.


2.Using massage techniques on your animal may involve certain risks to your health and safety. You agree that you understand your animal well enough to notice and react to cues of their discomfort to avoid biting or scratching or other injury from the animal. You must also consider your own safety when positioning yourself and your animal on the floor, table or other furniture. It is your responsibility to create a safe and clear environment for you and your animal to participate in the online consult and when conducting any instructions given during the consult at any other time.


3.You do not hold Sit Stay Heal responsible for any injury, illness or condition in yourself or your animal obtained from joining in the online consult. You agree to comply with all directions and guidelines that are given to you through the online consult with respect to proper and safe participation.


4.Sit Stay Heal accepts no responsibility for any injuries or damage that may occur to your equipment/ furniture used at home. Please prepare an area for you and your pet that is clear and comfortable and will be in view of the camera. We may need to see your pets body in different positions and walking.


5.You understand that the online consult and is not a substitute for veterinary advice. The canine myofunctional therapist does not diagnose illness or medical conditions or prescribe medications. Veterinary advice should be sought out for diagnosis and treatment of acute and/ or serious injuries or illnesses. Treatments will not be conducted where symptoms of the animal’s injury or illness seem to need veterinary treatment.


6.By viewing, accessing, using or participating in an online massage consultation, you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.