Image by Anusha Barwa
Image by Anusha Barwa

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Cat and Dog
Cat and Dog

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Image by Anusha Barwa
Image by Anusha Barwa

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Promote healing with Canine Bowen & Massage Therapy in Brisbane

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our canine companions through remedial massage, stretching and strengthening exercises to keep our pets well balanced physically and psychologically. Our dog massage therapist in Brisbane is a certified Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) practitioner from the National College of Traditional Medicine (NCTM) and Canine Bowen Therapist form the International School of Bowen Therapy

How bodywork can help your dog

As each dog is an individual, we tailor our Bowen and massage sessions to your dog’s immediate and long-term needs. We take into account all different activity levels, ages and conditions, and adjust our treatment to achieve optimum health, applying therapeutic and relaxation techniques. Dogs and other animals respond greatly to Bowen as it opens up there circulation, hydration and releases muscle tension and they let their bodies soak up the effects.

Manage your pets mental wellbeing too

Your pets mental health is just as important and your pet's care needs are unique. Enrichment and socialising provides physical exertion and mental stimulation which can prevent behavioural problems associated with boredom and frustration. Play time and walkies simply adds fun and excitement to your dog's life and releases energy. meaning your dog will be more relaxed at home.  Some pet owners can't provide this all the time for many reasons and booking in a regular dog walker and pet visits by Sit Stay Heal will help. For animals that need special care and diets, like puppies, kittens and seniors and those on medication will be well looked after too.

Veterinarian with Dog
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Small Animal Bowen Therapy

Small animal MASSAGE

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Pet visits

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Pet walking

Bowen therapy is a light touch therapy that uses light moves across specific points of muscles and tendons to restore the bodies structure and function. Bowen does this b...

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Are you too busy to find the time to walk your dog? Whether you are at work or going on away I can
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